Flower Tutorials

How to create these three different roses
Creating these flowers are easy, what makes them more realistic and handmade, each one is unique as one will never turn out the same. 
Flower 1     
Difficulty 1

Step 1: Cut out a circle                   
Step 2: Cut a spiral into your circle
Step 3: Curl your spiral around itself and glue
Flower 2 [Pictures coming soon]
Difficulty 2

All you will need to create one flower is:
-1 x Eyelet or Brad/Split Pin
-1 x Circular Scalloped punch/die [ I have chosen to use the middle sized die from the Spellbinders, Big Scalloped Circles, Large set of 7]
Light Cardstock [Depending on the size of the Die/Punch used would depend on how much you will need]

Step 1:
Punch out 7 to 9 scalloped shapes. I used 8, depending on the thickness and definition of the flower would depend on how many layers you would choose and also the thickness of your card.

Step 2:
Dampen your scalloped shapes with a small amount of water and scrunch them up.

Step 3:
Unfold your scrunched shapes and arrange them how you would like by layering them on top of each other then punch/pierce a hole into the centre and attach your eyelet/brad.

Step 4:
All you need to do now is arrange the petals from the inside out, to create you flower and leave to dry.

[You do not need to dampen them if you choose not to, but I personally prefer them as when they dry they are a lot sturdier and the structure is more likely to hold in place.]

Flower 3
Difficulty 3
All you will need to create one flower is:
-1 x Flower Stamp
-1 x Decorative Stamp
-1 x Cardstock
Ink Pads

Tools and Adhesives
1 x Scissors
1 x PVA Glue
1 x Silicone Glue

Step 1:
Choose the colour cardstock you would like to use that suits your project, you may even want to create your own papers with distress inks. Stamp out 3 of your large flower shapes [I used 2 and a half inch flower]

Step 2:
You can decorate your flowers at this stage [I have added a decorative stamp to my stamped images] and cut out your flower shapes.

Step 3:
You now need to cut some of your flowers – Refer to image [Step 4] 
*Keep one flower, cut one petal from another flower off and cut two petals from another flower. Keep the petals you have cut away as you will need them*

Step 4:
Curl the edges of your flowers and stick the edges together with PVA glue – Refer to image.
You may want to peg or clip the edges together while they dry.

Step 5:
Layer your petals into each other and stick together with silicone glue.
Leave to dry and fold/bend the petals out until you are satisfied.
You may want to add a little more decoration when the flower is complete, I added some silver glitter spray and a small silver gem in the middle.



  1. wow how clever ... thank you for the tutorial ... must have a go when I get a second lol ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this tutorial I am going to have a go at making these they are lovely x

  3. Very Good I will give these a go deffo. xxxx