Saturday, 25 May 2013

Creativity Strikes again (variety)

I'm really enjoying creating new things recently.
Baby Blue Button earrings and Bracelet 18/05/13
Silver Style Earrings - Consists of 3 buttons on each earring, 2 darker and 1 light.
Silver Style Bracelet - Consists of  4 sphere shaped buttons, 4 darker blue larger buttons and 4 white/light blue buttons to finish it off.
I didn't want them too overpowering or dark.

Soap Making 05/05/13
The weekend of the 5th of May, I decided to try soap making and throughly enjoyed it.
Orange Flowers - Rose Quartz Moisturising Glycerin Soap, Silver Glitter Accents and Colouring.
Blue Shells - Aquamarine Moisturising Glycerin Soap, Gold Shimmer Accents and Sun-Ripened Raspberry fragrance.
Brown Seahorse - Alabaster White Creamy Coconut Oil Soap and Grounded Coffee.

Beaded Gold Necklace 13/05/13
Gold Necklace - Consists of a simple gold chain with 7 gold effect beads to keep it simple and light. The deep red/maroon on the beads bring out the gold beautifully.

 Bright Bold Button Earrings 18/05/13
Button Earrings - Consists of 4 different sized a different colour buttons.
From largest to smallest - Red, Pink, Orange and Blue.
Striking bold stud earrings.

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  1. Oh my, these are stunning pieces, Danni!
    Michaela xx