Saturday, 11 May 2013

TUTORIAL: Masking, layering stamped images

 STEP 1: Choose your selection of stamps, whether it be two, three, four etc different images you want placed in a scene.

You will also need: 
- an acrylic block (if your stamps aren't already mounted)
- 2 x plain card (if the colour of your choice) OR 1 x plain card and sticky notepads, if your stamps fit on the sticky notes.
- An ink pad (I used memento as I was going to colour my images with Promarkers afterwards)
- (optional) backing papers and matching colouring pens of your choice if you choose to colour your images.

 STEP 2: Have a scrap or small piece of card to fit your stamp then apply the ink to your stamp as you usually would; by turning your stamp upside down, applying the ink pad ontop and cover the image. 
You can stamp these onto sticky note pads but make sure you leave the sticky part on the back of your images.

 STEP 3: Press your stamp down firmly onto your piece of card /sticky note and stamp out one of each image.
It doesn't matter if these images are not perfect as long as you have the outline.
Whichever stamp you want to add last you will not need to stamp this one, if you are not sure of this stage it is best to stamp all images. If you are choose a main image and a background, you should only need to print out the main image.

 STEP 4: Cut out all of your images.

STEP 5: (optional) You can mark up your cut outs to make sure you know which are the scrap. But you can always keep these after you have used them if you are going to do this same method again.
STEP 6: Make sure you have a piece of card that will fit all your images on however you want them.
You can always get a piece of card that will be too big as you can always cut it down later.
Then stamp out the image you want in the foreground.

 STEP 7: Place your cut out image over the stamp image, make sure they are inlined correctly. 
You can use a piece of low tack glue onto the back of your images to hold this in place if you wish to but be careful if peeling it off, not to rip your image, if you used sticky notes then it should hold in place without glue.

 STEP 8: Ink up your next image, choose one that you want next to / behind the first image.

STEP 9: If you want to stamp an image the other side of the first image then leave the first on covered and stamp the opposite side.

STEP 10: Uncover and view your work to make sure it is correct.

STEP 11: Repeat by covering which image is relavent for the next one to be stamped.
STEP 12: Stamp the next image.

STEP 13: Your selection of images should be complete and you can uncover them all.

STEP 14: Cut around or down your piece of card with your selection of images on if you need or want to. 
Select your backing papers and colouring pens.

COMPLETE: There you have your layered images using a masking technique.



There are many different designs and styles using this technique without adding bulk to your cards.


  1. Fab tutorial Danni. Very helpful. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Michaela xx

  2. What a great tutorial - very detailed explanation - thanks for sharing xx

  3. A very detailed and excellent tutorial Dannii thank you xxx

  4. Wonderful Dannii thank you for sharing.
    Kevin xx